Financial Assistance

Financial Support

All the participants of PTS-2023 are supposed to have their own research funds to participate in the conference. However,  young research scholars, junior faculty members and retired faculty members are eligible to apply for travel assistance subject to:

1. The applicant has been registered for the conference paying the requisite registration fee. During the submission of the application, it is mandatory to mention the registration fee transaction number.

2. The applicant is presenting a research paper in the Invited Talk/Oral/Poster category.

3. He/She is not getting any contingency/travel support from any kind of fellowship or project.

4. Travel support will be provided after receiving funds from the funding agencies. 

5. Priority will be given to research scholars having no financial support from any kind of fellowships/travel support.

6. Respective institutes/university of the participants is not providing travel assistance to him/her. A declaration letter signed by the Head of the parent institute must be submitted with this application. Without a declaration certificate, financial support will not be provided. Following is the draft of the declaration


This is to certify that Dr./Mr./Ms………………………is working as ……………in the ……...[institute/university/college name]……….. I welcome his/her participation in the 3rd International Conference on Plasma Theory and Simulations (PTS-2023), 21-23 September 2023, at JNU New Delhi.

This is to certify that he/she is not getting any fellowships/financial assistance from this institution/university/college to attend PTS-2023.

Signature (with Seal) of the Head of the institution

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